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『-Rose Addict-』

a Kaya姫 community

-Rose Addict- Kaya姫 livejournal community
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Welcome to Rose addict, a community dedicated to Kaya ( ex-Schwarz Stein, now solo artist)
_______&; Queen of Decadence
→ about Kaya
Kaya started his music career around 1999 in a band named Meties, together they released 4 songs, a demo named RECUR to MIND + one omnibus song called 「痛の空」(Gekitsuu no Sora). After that he joined ISOLA, they brought out 2 releases: 2-track CD release called Egoiste Butterfly and a demo called Over. He then met Hora after one of Velvet Eden’s concerts, and shortly after they started Rudolf Steiner. They released two demo tapes, Queen of Decadence and Perfect Garden, before they changed their name to Schwarz Stein. Kaya changed his name from 「姫」(Hime) to "Kaya" and they started being produced by Mana. As Schwarz Stein they released 2 albums and 2 singles. In 2004 due to differences of their musical goals, they disbanded and started solo careers. However, in April of 2006 the two released a collaboration CD under the name Another Cell; Hora also wrote a few songs for Kaya’s first album. But backing to Kaya’s solo career, in April 2005 he announced release of his first single Kaleidoscope, it was released in July and followed by release of second single Masquerade in September. On the 26th of December, Kaya released his first album Glitter. It was announced early 2007 that Kaya would take part in a "Theatrical Rock Show" along with KAMIJO, Juka, HIZAKI, and 勇(Yuu) called 「ノード・オブ・スケルツォ」(Node of Scherzo). They had their first appearance at X-day on March 14th, and it was done as a rock opera, where they acted out a play, singing it entirely. They will have another appearance as Node of Scherzo on May 4, 2007 on the last day of their X-day II concerts. Back on his solo career, in April of 2007 his 3rd single 「桜花繚乱」(Ouka Ryouran) was released, with the theme of sakura/cherry blossoms. Though his solo project seems to be successful, Kaya said that one day he might join a band again or do a joint project with someone, but for now with his solo project he is trying to "express decadence and beauty in a way that's easy to understand" and would like to "establish an aesthetic genre of music".

_______&;Remains of Mind
→ Rules
① All kinds of information and posts are allowed as long as it is connected with Kaya. Examples being: News, lyrics, scans, cosplay, graphics, fanart, etc. But do NOT post fanfiction.
② Graphics and sales post:
-->Graphics- All graphics posted directly into the community (i.e: not crossposted and linked with fake LJ-cut) must only have Kaya related icons, wallpapers, banners. Items made in batches with other icons that show teasers and link to another LJ, must have the teaser icons all Kaya related. You may have a maximum of 3 teaser icons outside of any LJ or fake LJ-cut. If you have a banner you'd like to post, if it is 300px in width or lower, it may be placed outside of a LJ cut.
-->Sales- Always mention what exactly you're selling outside of the cut, but keep all pictures of items below any LJ-cut/link to another LJ. And of course, all items sold directly in the community must be Kaya related.
③ Requesting of both mp3 and video files is allowed! Just don’t forget to friends lock the post!
④ Advertising is ok, as long as you want to advertise your Kaya fansite, fanlisting etc. This and only this. Please, NO adversiting of roleplaying communities.
⑤ For longer posts, such as scans or screen caps, don’t forget to use lj-cut.
⑥ No spamming, sticky caps etc. Also don’t forget about LJ's edit option. There is no need to make million posts per day when you can always edit what you have posted just a hour ago.
⑦ Intro posts are welcome, but they are not mandatory. However, if you do decide to make one don't limit yourself to saying "I love Kaya". Feel free to tell us some more things about yourself, or how long you've been into Kaya as an artist, etc.
⑧ Don’t forget to be nice to other members!
⑨ If you have any questions, ideas, etc. feel free to contact the mods.
⑩ Also what is very common on LJ, we decided for one birthday post. So if somebody makes one before mods, this one will become the "official" birthday post, and you can leave all birthday wishes there.

_______&; Walkure
→ Mods & how to contact them
Shintomo ❖ contact at schwarz[dot]stein[at]gmail[dot]com or her FO post!
Myouu ❖ her FO post, any of her posts or comments in this community.

_______&; Aestheticism
→ Layout & info
Layout: scan by Shintomo. Made by Ryoko.
Info: picture from Kaya's OHP. Made by Myouu. Written by Shintomo & Myouu, for exact credits on what we based all the info given here check our links list below.

_______&; Links
Kaya's OHP
Obsession never die - fansite, both Kaya and Schwarz Stein sections worth checking!
Profile on Gaiaonline
JAME profile
Scape forums

_______&; Affiliates
too affiliate please contact Shintomo in one of the aforementioned ways.
someunseen's translations of kaya's blog and others @ gokigen_you
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