vk_lover (vk_lover) wrote in rose_addict,

SchwarzStein CDs for Sale!

Hey Kaya addicts out there....

I'm currently selling my copies of SchwarzStein CDs and also 2 photosets as well as a signed Card by Kaya & Hora,

so if you're interested in them, just drop me a message ^^
All CDs, cases, booklets and obis are in perfect condition. I just took the CDs out of their cases once to rip them to my iTunes ^^

Here's a pic of all Schwarz Stein items on sale

Schwarz Stein - Perfect Garden 1st Single

Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children 1st Album

Schwarz Stein - Current 2nd Single

Schwarz Stein - Artificial Hallucination 2nd Album

Schwarz Stein - Perfect Garden photoset

Schwarz Stein - Queen of Decadence photoset

Schwarz Stein - autographed card

...there are no prices set, so please make REASONABLE offers ^^
Accepting Paypal worldwide and bank transfer from europe ^^
Shipping will be from germany worldwide

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